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For our inaugural blog post, we are launching the first of our (M)Ask the Expert columns. Today’s expert is Edgar van der Linden, ISKO Vital+’s Medical Business Lead. Based out of our European headquarters in Eindhoven, Edgar is answering the question:


How can I tell if my face covering fits properly?


Faces are not one size fits all, so we don’t believe face coverings should be either. If a face covering is too large or too small, it is not only uncomfortable, but less effective for the wearer.


A properly fitting face cover should fit snugly around your face, fully protecting your nose, mouth and chin. It needs to:


  • Fit over your nose, ideally held securely in place at the bridge with a nose clip.
  • Cup under your chin, tight enough to stay in place when you smile or speak.
  • Be as tight as possible on the sides to avoid gaping.
  • Be held in place with loops around your ears or elastic around the back of your head, which need to tight enough to keep the covering in place, but not so tight as to bend your ears forward or cause pain or discomfort.


If you are in any doubt, measure your face from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin to gauge what size covering you need. Our reusable and washable community face coverings come in small, medium and large and we are working to incorporate larger sizes too. 

 ISKO Vital face covers in three different sizes


Head to our product page and scroll down slightly to learn more about measurement, sizing and a video illustrating how to properly put on your face covering. And always remember to wash your hands before you put on or remove yours.


Do you have a question about fit, fashion, fabrics or anything relating to face coverings and stopping the spread? Please drop us a line at: masktheexpert@iskovital.com or our LinkedIn page. We will do our best to give you an answer. And if (M)Ask the expert features your question we’ll send you a free ISKO Vital+ face covering – in your preferred size, of course!